🧹Super Sweep

It's about breaking down walls and building bridges towards bringing together the best of Web3 under one roof.


We are launching the Raffle Aggregator together with AssetDash under Super Sweep, a brand new IP created both by The Primes and AssetDash. This is a strategic partnership that benefits both projects and their holders in multiple aspects.

On Super Sweep everybody wins

Both raffle creators and raffle participants are rewarded with $PRM and AssetDash Coins per raffles completion and per each ticket they purchase.

Raffle Creator benefits for Prime and AssetDash Element holders

Raffle Creators that hold Prime or Element NFTs enjoy 40% discount of fees, as well as 200 $PRM and 100 AD Coins in rewards (must be holding the NFT upon both raffle creation and completion). Additionally, those that also link their social media to their profile enjoy featured raffles and multi-currency payment options.

Raffle Participant benefits

Participant rewards depend on the purchased ticket price in SOL:

  • Ticket Purchase below 0.1 SOL = 10 AD Coins and 25 $PRM

  • Ticket Purchase above 0.1 SOL and below 0.25 SOL = 50 AD Coins and 150 $PRM

  • Ticket Purchase above 0.25 SOL and below 0.5 SOL = 150 AD Coins and 400 $PRM

  • Ticket Purchase above 0.5 SOL = 500 AD Coins and 1,000 $PRM


  • Raffle aggregation: create and participate in raffles from other platforms without leaving ours.

  • Smart ruleset and decision making AI that brings the most trending raffles with the best winning chances.

  • Extensive filtering and sorting across platforms, raffle types, tokens, NFTs, prices, purchase currencies and more.

  • Innovative profile pages with tracking, badging system, as well as user search and follow options.

  • Auto and manual selective bulk purchase options across multiple raffles.

  • Create raffles with multi-currency ticket purchase options.

  • See how much SOL users were supported with by each raffle creator.

  • Premium raffles option that ensures highest visibility and potential higher engagements.

  • Featured raffles for Prime and Element holders.

  • $PRM and AssetDash Coins rewards on every ticket purchase.

  • Pro and Trusted badges for users active both as creators and participants, each vetted by our team.

  • Transparency and fair play, with all transactions verifiable on the blockchain.

  • Leaderboard with custom sorting for both creators and participants.

  • Public Discord Bot for shilling and assessing raffles, profiles and leaderboards quickly.

  • Intuitive design with light and dark modes.

  • And much more...


The Raffle Aggregator brings all top raffles to one big platform with a top-notch UX and offer a more connected environment and a more exciting experience. Being an aggregator allows us to apply smart rule-sets and logic on which raffles to introduce, as well as decision-making AI that will expose the raffles that are most trending with the best winning chances. This does not only bring together the users of the Web3 ecosystem, but also automatically boosts the sales of the third party raffles on their own platforms.

Website: https://supersweep.xyz X: https://x.com/supersweep Telegram: https://t.me/supersweep

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