🀳Social Gamification

Unifying the entire Prime community, encouraging daily participation in fun and rewarding tasks, all while striving towards a common objective: numero uno on social media.


We deliver social gamification through our growth and engagement hub, aka. Prime Habits. Think of this as your morning coffee place on steroids. It is where The Primes come together on daily basis to engage, create awareness and earn rewards. Also, it comes with effortless progress tracking and leaderboard, making it intriguing to compete with fellow enthusiasts for the top spot.


Primes is better with Friends! Refer new holders and both of you get rewarded with Catnip. Referred holders earn the base amount, while referrers earn depending on their Holder Titles, based on the following model:

βœ… Farmer - 10 Catnip (Current Base) βœ… Explorer - 1.2x Multiplier βœ… Ambassador - 1.4x Multiplier βœ… Guardian - 1.6x Multiplier βœ… Caesar - 1.8x Multiplier βœ… Demi-God - 2x Multiplier

Note: Referred holders must hold a Prime for at least 30 days before referral rewards can be claimed.

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