❓Frequently Asked

Looking for answers about our cutting-edge project? Uncover exciting details, learn what differentiates The Primes.

What is The Primes about?

The Primes is about pushing boundaries towards innovating the NFT space by combining art, technology, and utility; redefining the standards for quality and innovation

What makes The Primes unique?

Vision, ambition and expertise. Plus, The Primes come before mint, hence the Day 1 Solutions.

What is the collection size and mint price?


On which blockchain did The Primes launch?

We have launched on Solana to shake things up there first. However, we are actively exploring multi-chain technology.

What marketing efforts do you do?

We have our in-house marketing team who are active on several fronts ranging from strategies development to Twitter Spaces to Discord Partnerships. Also, we actively consult with successful growth agencies, partner with renowned NFT brands, while we're always on the lookout for opportunities.

What is Super Sweep?

Super Sweep is a brand new IP of the Raffle Aggregator, launched both by The Primes and AssetDash.

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